Seeing His Hand in Brazil

Summer is one of the most exciting times here at CFBC. The Lord has His church scattered literally all over the world, doing short term and long term Kingdom work!

Our CFBC summer missionary to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jeremiah Allison, is seeing the goodness of God as he walks with Him on mission and sees Him change hearts. His update letter to his Champion Forest Family is below!

Dear CFBC Family,

Over five weeks have passed since arriving here in Sao Paulo, and sometimes it feels like I’ve been out here five days, and sometimes it feels like I’ve been out here five months. One thing is for certain, I have been grateful for every day that the Lord has blessed me with out here. This time has been invaluable to growing in my faith. It has also been very humbling. Whenever you are surrounded by a language that you can hardly speak or understand, and a culture that you are very unfamiliar with, you start to realize how dependent you are on the Lord and how much you have to trust His guidance and His people. By His grace, the people here are rock solid and have shown me nothing but His love. They have treated me like one of their own every day. They have shown extreme patience and grace with me as I’m learning more of their culture and language each day. They have given me wonderful opportunities to serve with them. They have let me participate in the planning of their church activities. There is an English speaker who goes to the church, and though she is not here every time, she makes a great effort to be here very often to help translate conversations and services at the church for me. All this being said, I can truly attest to the fact that if it was not for the Lord’s grace, I would have shipped myself back home already!There are challenging times, and times where my flesh will try and question my being here, but when I run to Christ in those times, He immediately restores me to the joy of His salvation. I can say with full confidence that I have never felt closer with or more assured in Him. For everyone who is in Christ and has not yet taken a step of faith by going on mission for Him, I would urge them to go. I sincerely believe that nothing will grow you more in your faith.


If I was forced to describe our church family in Sao Paulo in a concise manner, I would say that they are, kingdom oriented. These guys have incredible faith, and everything they do is for the sake of strengthening their body in hopes of leading lost sinners to repentance. The big event in the works for them right now is a weeks-long missionary project in this latter part of July. They have nearly fifteen missionaries staying with them for around fifteen days. During this time, they have been on evangelism overdrive, hitting the streets and telling as many people as they can about Jesus every day. They are seeking as much prayer as possible throughout this event, which they refer to as “Trans,” short for “Jesus Transforms”. For everyone who is taking the time to read this, I would say that your prayers would be paramount and greatly appreciated. Prayers for the Holy Spirit going before us and setting divine appointments. Prayers for accommodations, as fifteen people is a lot to feed and a lot of room and board. Also, prayers for protection. There is a very vivid spiritual warfare here, and there will certainly be efforts from the enemy to thwart this effort of bringing more people into Christ.


Love and miss you CFBC!






Thank you for continuing to pray for Jeremiah!  To learn more about his work or our partnership in Brazil, contact the Missions Office! 281-885-6784