On Mission – June 2015

Missions among the Navajo!

Gallup 1

As you read this, a CFBC mission team has just wrapped up a successful week of ministry among the Navajo tribe in Gallup, New Mexico. For the last 7 years, we have built on relationships among the Navajo through doing construction projects, hosting Vacation Bible Schools, and meeting other basic needs by giving free hair cuts and manicures. As a result of this partnership, several boys and girls have come to Christ, and we have been able to set a wonderful example of Jesus and His love to a people who are in desperate need to see it.
For many of the Navajo, life is controlled by enslavement to surrounding drug culture, heavy unemployment, gambling, and a history of feeling like second class citizens. Our teams get the chance to go and speak light into this darkness, showing them that they are important to Christ, and that there is hope and a way out of the enslavement in His name!
Continue to pray for them and our partnership with them. Pray that someone comes along to water the seeds we planted this last week, and that many Navajo souls are gathered around the throne of the Lamb!

Caring for Houston’s Refugees

As the nation’s most international city, Houston is home to thousands of people who have found refuge here from countries like Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Sudan. These people come to the United States with little more than nothing, and are in desperate need of being shown hospitality in the name of Jesus. On July 29 at 6:45pm, a representative from Houston’s Interfaith Ministries will be here on campus to share more information about Houston’s refugees and how our church can help meet needs. Be looking for details in the Worship Folder!

Rediscovering the Unreached


Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of islands, and inhabited by nearly 300 million people. Champion Forest Baptist Church has recently adopted an Indonesian ethnic group as our second Unreached People Group through the International Mission Board. The Manggarai people of Flores Island have been overlooked for years as they were thought to have a percentage of their population reached with the gospel. However, it has just been discovered that they are completely unreached, with a very thin veneer of Catholicism masking strong traditions of animism and spiritism. In fact, they received their first IMB missionaries only 7 months ago, and CFBC is joining in the effort to get the gospel to them!
Pastors Ramon Medina and Esteban Bauducco, as well as Missions Minister Lezlie Armour will be leading a mission team to Flores Island in October to seek the Lord’s face for our future partnership there. Be in prayer for them as they build relationships and learn how the Lord would have us best work among the Manggarai!.
For more information on this people group, search for “Manggarai” on http://www.peoplegroups.org.

Ramadan 2015


The Islamic season of Ramadan began on June 17, 2015. During this month-long season, Muslims across the globe fast from sunrise to sunset, hoping to earn their way into the favor of Allah. This month is also a great opportunity for us as Christians to pray for our Muslim neighbors, that as they attempt to draw near to their god, they have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ, the one true way to the Father! If you would like a way to pray specifically for Muslims over the next 30 days, come by the Mission Booth to get a prayer guide with more information, scriptures, and prayer ideas!
Also, be sure to be on the lookout throughout the remainder of the year, as we have prayer opportunities during Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist festivals, so that we can pray for all tribes, nations, and tongues in our diverse community!


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